Lindsay Lynette

IMG_1233.JPGLindsay Lynette

Vocal Performance & Music Business
Lindsay is adventurous and has been entertaining her friends and family through music and dance since before she can remember! Lindsay aspires to use her experiences as a performer to become an internationally known recording artist, performer, and songwriter, and she eventually wants to open her own songwriting organization for teens and young adults to develop their skills before the collegiate/professional level. In her spare time, you can find Lindsay exploring holeinthewall coffee shops, finding animals to snuggle with, making Belgian waffles from scratch on Saturday mornings, or hanging up Christmas lights wherever she can find the space. She currently works at a&be Bridal Shop in Denver, CO, she owns her own freelance makeup business, and she leads worship with Flatiron’s Community Church on the weekends. Ironically, Lindsay is 100% terrified of birds, but she’s so excited to be a part of Lark!